Flu Vaccinations

We undertaken influenza vaccination programs across the business and industrial sectors throughout the Wellington region for past 15 years.

We will arrange for our highly experienced and professional team to come to your workplace at a convenient date and time to provide vaccinations to all your staff to ensure a seamless implementation of your 2017 flu vaccination program.

For those staff unable to attend the arranged in-house vaccination program we can arrange for them to attend either our Wellington based clinic or our associate clinic in Lower Hutt at a more suitable time.

Having your staff vaccinated against the seasonal influenza will reduce staff absenteeism during the winter months as well as improve staff well-being and productivity.

Flu vaccines should be an essential part of every workplace employee health programme.

We can offer you Influenza Vaccinations at a discounted price of $28.00 (excl GST) per vaccine for vaccinating more than 20 persons.  Please note there is a minimum charge of $300 plus GST for less than 10 persons). We will provide either two Nurses or a Doctor and an assistant.

Discounts are available for large groups/organisations by negotiation.

For vaccinations to be provided at the workplace we will require a suitable private room to allow privacy and confidentiality.

We are hoping to receive the Flu Vaccines by mid March 2016 at the latest.

Please provide number of staff requiring vaccination in comments box.

Frequently Asked Questions

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