Occupational Health

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Occupational Medical Specialists are doctors who specialise in the interaction between health and work. Occupational medicine (now known as occupational and environmental medicine) is the specialty which either considers how health conditions impact on the ability to work, or investigates the potential for work to have a harmful effect on health

The Terrace Medical Specialists provide independent occupational medical specialist services to a range of customers: Employers, ACC, Third Party Administrators, Insurance Companies – anyone with an interest in helping people back to work after illness or injury.

We can offer alternative Specialist Services including investigation of occupational causation of illness or injury and/or assistance with vocational rehabilitation return to work planning. These services can include an assessment of the link between work activities or environment and the development of the condition, for instance in work-related gradual process injuries, or in environmental impact studies.

Occupational Medicine Specialist Services include:

  • Pre-employment and Periodic medicals
  • Fit-to-work medical assessments
  • Drug Testing – both onsite and laboratory based
  • Exit Medical Assessments (Click on each one to go to their medicals)
  • Insurance Medicals
  • Driving Medicals
    • LTNZ return of licence
    • LTNZ Heavy Duty Medical assessments
    • Transport Operator medical assessments
  • Influenza Vaccination